Actuation systems and actuators are used in many systems of an aircraft. In this context, safety for flight operations is of extremely high importance. NdFeB permanent magnet motors can be used in aircraft in various drive motors that use actuators with motors. Such propulsion motors are used in flight control systems, braking systems, launch and fuel systems, and environmental control systems.
Electric drive motors with rare-earth permanent magnets provide high-performance competition to hydraulic actuation systems in these applications. The requirements for magnets used for aviation are versatile. They should be as light as possible, manufactured in very small or miniature sizes, have a long service life, provide maximum performance, be safe and reliable, and much more.
Earth Panda rare earth magnets can be used in actuators for electric drive motors - reliable, powerful for maximum performance with minimum size.
Earth Panda develops NdFeB permanent magnets for any size and maximum power in its own laboratories and manufactures any kind of NdFeB magnets in its in-house production - also on customer request.
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