The field of application for permanent magnets in industrial motors is as diverse as the applications of industrial motors themselves. Permanent magnets are particularly suitable for use in high-efficiency IE motors to reduce energy consumption in accordance with regulations. The applications include many electrical devices, energy-saving elevators, compressors, industrial robots, etc. regardless of whether a linear motor or a synchronous motor is used.
Particularly suitable for the use of permanent magnets are motors where a high power-to-weight ratio is required and only limited installation space is available. Demagnetization is not to be feared due to installation in the rotor. Temperature development and overcurrents are monitored in converters.
In a permanent motor, the magnets can either be embedded in the rotor itself (interior permanent magnet motors / IPM) or affixed to the exterior of the rotor surface (surface permanent magnet motors / SPM). IPM motors are highly mechanically sound and are particularly suitable for operation at very high speeds. The magnet can be inset as a large block, staggered near the core or by embedding it in a spoke pattern. With SPM, the mechanical strength is limited and so is the maximum safe mechanical speed of the motor. They can be used to increase the robustness of the design.
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