Permanent magnets have become indispensable for consumer and consumer electronics, serving as a fundamental element in the drive motor of electronic devices. However, they are also used in switches or relays. Thus, these magnets can be found in many electrical devices such as intelligent household appliances, energy-saving air conditioners, electronic control units, high-quality consumer electronics, cameras, video cameras, or in audio devices or headphones.
The requirements for modern entertainment and consumer electronics are becoming increasingly demanding: they should be controllable, cost little, become smaller and, of course, become smarter and more efficient. Our extremely small neodymium iron boron magnets are specially designed to generate strong permanent magnetic fields for any small device.
We are the experts for extremely small permanent magnets or magnet assemblies for use in any entertainment and consumer electronics. We can supply a wide variety of shapes and sizes depending on the use and area of application - either as standard or specially requested by the customer.
In our "State Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Material" we are constantly researching new innovative applications, developing them further and bringing them to series maturity. Our series-produced or customized permanent magnets or assemblies have been successfully used for years in various consumer and consumer electronics devices.
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