Generators with permanent magnets are well suited for the use in wind turbines. Their main advantages are self-excitation, high power factors and high efficiencies. The efficiency advantage over other machines is due to the fact that the excitation is provided by the permanent magnets without any additional energy requirement and the moment-forming current flows only in the stator winding or in the armature.
Earth panda is dedicated to the application of rare-earth magnets in wind energy. Through our development of technologies, our magnets contribute to power improvement and cost reduction. We supply not only magnets, but also magnet modules for wind generators.
Earth Panda's high quality and robust permanent magnets can be installed in various types of generators for wind turbines -such as asynchronous generator, axial flux machines, brushless generators, permanent magnet excited claw pole or transverse flux machines.
We are specialized in innovative research, development and production of magnet assemblies. All development processes are carried out in our unique in house "State Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Material" by our expert teams. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop customized products until they are ready for series production. Through continuous exchange and transparency during the respective process steps, we ensure the high quality of our products.
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